Kathmandu, Nepal

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The ever-important capital of Nepal, bustling with nearly 1.5 million people in the city proper, Kathmandu surprises travelers with a mystical old world feel unusual in such a large Asian city. Streets are bursting with color, from elaborately painted buses, bikes, and rickshaws, to…

Nepals First Local Elections In 20 Years

local elections nepal nepalis maoist voting political 20 years

It’s an interesting moment in time for Nepal.  In 17 cities large and small, 246 municipalities and 481 rural municipalities, local elections are taking place for the first time in 20 years. There have been a few false starts over the years, including an…

Spring In The Azores

nomads expeditions terceira island Azores Atlantic blue ocean sea mountain volcanic volcano Portuguese Portugal remote island archipelago travel destination

  Spring is a fantastic time to visit the remote, stunning, and often overlooked Portuguese islands known as the Azores. Situated 850 miles off the southwest coast of Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (and just over 1100 miles off the coast…

Digging For Fossils In Utah

adventure fossils desert southwest trilobites digging collecting hounding rock Utah dig

– We recently returned from a month long road trip in the desert southwest where we were lucky enough to find lots of critters to photograph and we stopped at a number of fossil collecting sites along the way (more on the critters later…)….

Tomohon Market, Northern Sulawesi

Famous for its lack of food taboos, Tomohon market is a place of harsh contrasts. There are rats scurrying through the stalls, and rats roasting on sticks.  There is the deep stench of blood drying in the sun, and the tropical aroma of flowers….