Leopard Cats & Buddhist Monks

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There is nothing small about this place. Not-so-discreatly hidden in an otherwise quite strip of jungle in southern Myanmar, the Ko Yin Lay temple and monastery looks out over a forested landscape. Historically these forests have been home to wildlife such as elephants, leopards,…

Tsunami In The Mergui Archipelago

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The pungent smell of the fish market and the loud obnoxious sound of the chaotic longtail boats are very familiar. I have been here many times before. I am in Ranong, Thailand with my beautiful wife Katy getting ready to cross over to Kawthaung,…

Kathmandu, Nepal

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The ever-important capital of Nepal, bustling with nearly 1.5 million people in the city proper, Kathmandu surprises travelers with a mystical old world feel unusual in such a large Asian city. Streets are bursting with color, from elaborately painted buses, bikes, and rickshaws, to…

Tomohon Market, Northern Sulawesi

Famous for its lack of food taboos, Tomohon market is a place of harsh contrasts. There are rats scurrying through the stalls, and rats roasting on sticks. ┬áThere is the deep stench of blood drying in the sun, and the tropical aroma of flowers….