Primates Of Northern Sulawesi

  It’s as if someone squeezed them just a little too tight.  Eyeballs so oversized they can’t even rotate in their own sockets? It’s hard not to get a sympathy headache just looking at those bugged out eyes.  And those long, dexterous, knobby fingers…

Tomohon Market, Northern Sulawesi

Famous for its lack of food taboos, Tomohon market is a place of harsh contrasts. There are rats scurrying through the stalls, and rats roasting on sticks.  There is the deep stench of blood drying in the sun, and the tropical aroma of flowers….

Bangka Island

Tucked along the northern coast of Sulawesi, just roughly 90 min off shore of the busy metropolis that is Manado, lies the not-so-secret Bangka Island. Once the quiet neighbor of the reef diving mecca known as Bunaken (a nearly 900 square kilometer national marine…